Pain Relief Salve

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Katerina´s Natural Way pain relieving and warming herbal salve 20g

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Comprised of carefully sourced blend of homegrown cayenne and chilli peppers and St.John´s Wort this Pain Relief Salve helps relieve aching muscles and joints and may be applied on places where the body needs to warm up and open the capillaries.

It is a life saver when it comes to application on ailing backs – for inflamed back muscles and debilitating back and neck pain.

DO NOT USE on open wounds, raptured skin or cuts!! Avoid contact with eyes and do not apply close to mucus membranes. Wash your hands thoroughly after application.

I do not recommend this salve for use for animals as they often tend to lick the treated areas.

For open wounds, torn, raptured or cracked skin you can use the Healing Salve.

You can read more about Katerina´s Natural Way herbal salves, our philosophy of sustainable, ethical and self-sufficient herbalism and more of Katerina´s story here.


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