Healing Salve

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Katerina¨s Natural Way herbal Healing Salve 20g

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This four-herb salve is a great aid for your home or travel apothecary kit.
It helps to heal anything from minor cuts, cracks and chapped skin, its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great healer for even deeper flashy wounds, poorly healing scars and for minimizing scar tissue after the wounds have closed up.

The Healing Salve compliments wonderfully the Massage and Healing Oil, which I recommend for very deep, painful open wounds that are impossible to reach. After the tissue heals partially, the oil can be substituted by the salve.

It is also useful in cases of hardened spots on the skin where an infected insect bite occurred, or for gentle massage of old scars.

But despite its name, the Healing Salve is not intended strictly only for healing. It can very well serve as daily skin care during winter months or to massage aching fingers, wrists and ligaments, and even to apply as lip balm.

I recommend the Healing Salve also for natural animal care, for taking care of dog and cat paws or for massaging an aging pet´s joints. For larger areas, the Healing/Massage Oil may be a more effective and economic solution.

Contains: Organically home grown calendula and chamomile, organic lavender and sustainably wildcrafted yarrow, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax from the local beekeepers.

Read more about our HERBAL SALVES, our sustainable ethical herbalism philosophy, and more here.

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