Yarrow Flower Essence 10ml

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Katerina´s Natural Way Yarrow Flower Essence stock concentrate 10ml

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Yarrow flower essence is a perfect ally to promote healing on many different levels: the mental, emotional, physical and also spiritual.

It literally helps us to connect with the white light and bring it down via our crown chakra, all the way to the cellular level. What does it mean?
It means that every aspect, every part of us can engage in the healing process, be it an injury, illness, trauma (even from past life), shattered psyché, broken heart but also damaged energetic field (you may know it being referred to as aura).

Yarrow flower essence bring us protection from outer influences, environment, other people, negative energies, etc. It is when our energetic fields are compromised, that we are prone to illness, injury, but also loss of energy, and even worse – you may know well the feeling of being “sucked out of energy” by another person, situation at your job, crowds in the public transportation, political situation, global issues, etc.
Yarrow flower essence can help protect you from feeling the negative energies of all that, it can also protect from radiation (traveling by airplanes, mobile phone usage, etc.).

I work with Yarrow flower essence mainly when creating blends for people and animals in need not only of protection, but also for those sensitive to environmental aspects, whose tolerance to different substances is very low – people and animals with allergies or seasonal allergies, food intolerances and those in need of adaptogens.

Yarrow flower essence helps us to create personal boundaries and calms our reactiveness to outside stressors, resulting in saving our energy and feeling protected.

I recommend Yarrow flower essence also to those who are setting off on their transition and journey to the Other Side, to all health care practitioners, especially those working with energy healing, to protect themselves from energies of their clients, and for those practicing deep meditations and spiritual work.

This Yarrow Flower essence was ethically made with the permission of the Yarrow plants in the surroundings of my home in the Swedish wilderness. Water from a special spring that runs all the way from the mountains and highlands near my home is always used when I create mother essences and stock concentrates.

It is a so called “Stock Concentrate”, meaning it can be used for further blending with other flower essences to make customized or specific ailment targeted flower remedies. It is therefore useful also for Bach therapy practitioners as well as suitable for direct use by the customer.

Take 2 drops of the flower essence directly orally or add to your cup of tea, glass or even bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

To blend with other flower essences, add 2 drops of each chosen essence in a mixing bottle filled with spring water and add 20 drops of brandy or vodka. Then take 4 drops of the blend at least 4x day.

Flower essences are absolutely safe to use during pregnancy, are suitable for small children, animals, elderly people, etc. and have no contraindications with herbal or allopathic medicine. You cannot overdose them as there aren´t any active constituents present.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION DEDICATED TO FLOWER ESSENCES, especially if this is the first time you have heard of them.


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