Paw Balm

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Katerina´s Natural Way Paw Balm 70g ultimately tested by sled dogs for working and all other dogs, cats, bunnies and other animals with the need of preventive, protective and healing paw care.


Katerina´s Natural Way Paw Balm s a first aid, all-round herbal remedy perfect to protect paws, desinfect and heal minor cuts and wounds, stop bleeding, etc.

Especially good for hunting, sled and other working dogs and pets exposed to rough terrain and/or salted roads and sidewalks.

Can be also used for dry nose and wounds other than on paws.

Contains wild herbs locally sustainably gathered in the wild nature surrounding our farm and organically homegrown: Plantago major, Achillea millefolium, Calendula officinalis, Picea abies, Olea europaea oil. The beeswas comes from local beekeepers.

This is an offering developed and endlessly tried out by our dogs during years of training and competing in long distance races, on feet covering thousands of kilometers of snowy, icey, rocky, muddy, soft, sharp, wet trails and mountains, lakes, forest paths and gravel roads each year.

Read more about our HERBAL SALVES, our sustainable ethical herbalism philosophy, and more here.

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