Dandelion Salve

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Dandelion flower herbal salve 20g ideal for dry hands and instead of hand cream

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When worked into a salve or balm, Dandelion flowers have a truly amazing benefit for dry, chapped, over-worked, aging and aching hands.

The salve can help relieve arthritic and rheumatic pain, when gently massaged into finger joints and wrists.

It moistens and smoothens dry skin, and helps close up of sometimes very painfully cracked/chapped fingers.

This makes Dandelion salve my choice for daily winter care, especially for anyone who lives in the northern climate.

All my life I have suffered with dry hands. My pointy fingers were so cracked on the sides that raw flesh was exposed, leaving me with burning pain almost all year long.
I could try literally any cream and ointment out there, I swear my Christmas gifts counted piles of remedies from well meaning friends and family. Without help.

When I started long distance mushing (driving long distances with my dog team while training for mid and long distance sled dog races), my fingers got better, while I worked with salves and oil, tending to my dogs´s feet, joints and muscles.

It was at that time that I started playing with the idea of creating my own herbal remedies to provide a natural care for my beloved canine athletes and friends.

And soon enough, after formulating salves, balms and massage/healing oils, and testing them on myself, my lifelong battle with dry and cracked hands took a victorious direction for me.

Herbal salves, in particular Dandelion Salve and the Healing salve have managed to do a job no laboratory made, clinically tested expensive brand name creams, lotions and ointments ever could. My skin is moisturized and it stays that way all year round. And I do put my hands to work a great deal, exposing them to all the elements, subzero temperatures, animals, homestead chores, etc.

I recommend the Dandelion salve to senior folk and also to men working at concrete factories and other places with a rough wear of their hand skin.
It is a salve suitable for daily skin care of all types of skin, and can be used even for small cuts and abrasions or as a paw balm for your pets.

Contains: sustainably foraged dandelion flowers, organic raw coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and beeswax from local beekeepers.

Read more about our HERBAL SALVES, our sustainable ethical herbalism philosophy, and more here.

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