Chest Rub Salve

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Katerina´s Natural Way Chest Rub Salve 20g for colds, coughs and as winter care lip balm

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This evergreen tree salve not only smells like the boreal forests of the northern Swedish wilderness where it was ethically sourced, but is is an effective remedy with a long tradition and history of folk herbal medicine.

Rub thoroughly on chest, sinuses and temples for relief during colds, coughs, bronchitis, flu and other respiratory issues. The salve helps relieve congested sinuses as well as congested cough, while it provides high leveles of vitamin C and other antioxidants and healing properties, which make it also a great lip balm for the winter care and for dry and cracked lips.

Contents: Spruce needles, Spurce tips, Pine needles, organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax

You can read more about Katerina´s Natural Way herbal salves, our philosophy of sustainable, ethical and self-sufficient herbalism and more of Katerina´s story here.


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