St.John´s Wort Salve 20g

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Katerina´s Natural Way St.John´s Wort herbal salve for burns, bruises, nerve pain, better sleep and more

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The effectiveness of St.John´s (or St.Joan´s) Wort infused oil and salve in treating burns is a true gift.

This sun loving plant ally literally pulls all the heat out of the burned wound, allowing faster and better healing and does seldom leave any scars behind.

Living in the woods and the outdoor lifestyle with a pack of sled dogs, means we heat with wood in the winter time, we also bake our own bread and preserve a lot of foraged food and crops. We make camping fires often and cook on the trail while training our husky teams. That means our risk for burned fingers and hands is not only high, but burns are at a very common occurrence around here J

For treating minor burns, I use the St.John´s Wort salve, made of this precious oil, but in case of affected larger areas, the oil is more economical and practical.

Another, even more common occurrence are bruises. Seriously, I am really glad we wear long sleeves and pants for most part of the year, otherwise people would think we operate a secret fight club. J

Dogs, cats, logs for firewood, building materials, pretty much everyone and everything just causes bruises when you live the rugged outdoorsy life in the middle of nowhere.
St.John´s Wort is a wonderful herb for treating bruised up limbs, both in the Salve or infused Oil form. For small bruises, you can use the salve, while for large ones I prefer to use the oil.

Another great area of application are places with nerve damage, such as hands, arms, back or legs, and the relief can be almost instant.

Gently rubbing a bit of the salve or oil into your temples before bed time, especially after a hectic eventful day will put your mind at ease and allow you rest better as well.

St.John´s Wort Oil is also very useful also for massaging tired, sore muscles and large, old or poorly heling scar tissue.

Caution: In a small number of population, St.John´s Wort may cause photosensitivity.


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