Herbal Face Serum with Scrubbie Gift Pack

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Katerina´s Natural Way Herbal Face Serum 30ml with a hand made organic cotton face scrubbie

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Herbal Face Serum for all skin types created with infused Red Clover and Rose Hip oils ethically gathered in the wild nature of northern Sweden, with organically grown Lavender.

Red Clover is deeply moisturizing and nourishing for the skin, providing antioxidants and B-vitamins. It contributes to the skin´s elasticity and smoothness. It is one of the best herbs for restoring tired, dry skin and helps remove the black rings and shadows under the eyes.
Rose Hips with their naturally high levels of vitamin C and other antioxidants is also highly nourishing and cleansing for the skin.
Lavender is well known for her soothing, calming properties and anti-inflammatory actions
These three herbs work well together in a blend for a natural daily skin care for all skin types and ages.

Scented gently with Grapefruit and Orange essential oils of high quality (produced in small scale by a small family business). Both of these citrus oils also gently contribute to the overall antioxidant and nourishing properties of the Face Serum.

MY PERSONAL STORY: This Face Serum is the only skin care product I use on my face for the past ten years. Moving to the northern nature and living in the wilderness brought many changes to my life including leaving the commercial cosmetic products behind and turning to Mother Nature for healthier solutions. Being able to gather the herbs by myself in small scale and knowing the whole process of making my own skin care products is a privilage and true blessing. Ditching the water and industrial oil based products and switching to herbal infused oils was a game changer for my skin issues and ever since I started using the Face Serum my skin is more elastic, softer and the black circles under my eyes are gone. My face and hand skin feel younger than it did years ago.

MY TIP: I apply 2 drops on my fingers and gentlly rub them into my face every morning. You can also use the scrubbie to apply the oil, or to wash your face first with warm water and natural soap before applying the serum.
Fits well with our handmade soaps.

The serum comes with a 100% organic unbleached cotton scrubbie, handcrocheted by my friend´s small business Untangled Makes.

Gift wrapped in a celofan bag and naturally decorated.


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