Fireweed Flower Essence 10ml

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Katerina´s Natural Way Fireweed Flower Essence stock concentrate 10ml

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Fireweed flower essence happens to be my personal remedy. It literally saved me from a deep burnout, loss of touch with myself and deepening many problems due to not healed passed trauma and not released anger.

Fireweed is here to help all of you to unblock and release any passed trauma, including PTSD, and including suppressed anger, on the karmic level.

It is a grounding remedy, whatever the reason for your need of grounding is.

Fireweed flower essence will not only help you to get grounded, it will at the same time open the channel for your connection with higher realms, during any kind of spiritual work, including healing or meditation.

I offer Fireweed flower essence to all those who are going through the heartbreak and loss of beloved friends and family, and to the animals who are getting ready to transition to the Other Side.

It is a remedy for restoration, it helps to build our shaken spirits back up, rise like Phoenix from the ashes, or just like the Fireweed plant itself, as it is the first one to grow in place of a burned down forest.

Because Fireweed flower essence helps to release what is blocked, it also helps to release energy stagnation, and that is why it is a part of many of my Bach Therapy flower remedy blends for aiding people and animals (even sick plants) alike, during illnesses such as cancer, but also for old age, or to promote healing of any kind.

Due to the ability to get energy moving again from stagnation, Fireweed essence is wonderful for circulatory problems, detoxification, improves energy levels and stimulates. It can be used also for purification.

Fireweed flower essence promotes the connection to Mother Earth, but also to oneself, and thus promotes intuition.
I personally find it to be an essence especially for women and I will never be able to express just how much it helped me reconnect with my inner self, with the wise woman within.

This Fireweed Flower essence was ethically made with the permission of the Fireweed plants in the surroundings of my home in the Swedish wilderness. Water from a special spring that runs all the way from the mountains and highlands near my home is always used when I create mother essences and stock concentrates.

It is a so called “Stock Concentrate”, meaning it can be used for further blending with other flower essences to make customized or specific ailment targeted flower remedies. It is therefore useful also for Bach therapy practitioners as well as suitable for direct use by the customer.

Take 2 drops of the flower essence directly orally or add to your cup of tea, glass or even bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

To blend with other flower essences, add 2 drops of each chosen essence in a mixing bottle filled with spring water and add 20 drops of brandy or vodka. Then take 4 drops of the blend at least 4x day.

Flower essences are absolutely safe to use during pregnancy, are suitable for small children, animals, elderly people, etc. and have no contraindications with herbal or allopathic medicine. You cannot overdose them as there aren´t any active constituents present.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION DEDICATED TO FLOWER ESSENCES, especially if this is the first time you have heard of them.


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