Calendula Salve 50g

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An all-round salve for the ultimate skin healing

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This salve is a true product of love and family tradition.
Organically homegrown calendula flowers slowly infused in high quality extra virgin olive oil and blended with locally produced beeswax from our local communities are the “secret” ingredients of this truly all-round salve.

Calendula is known for centuries as the herb of choice for many skin ailments, including eczema, rashes, reducing of scar tissues (even old ones), smoothening the skin and also helping to move the lymph more form of massage oils and salves.
It is a highly anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial herb, described as a natural antibiotic.

Katerina´s Natural Way Calendula salve is useful for all sorts of skin sores, healing of small wounds, shrinking of scars, but also for treating eczema and irritated skin, smoothening of rough flaky skin, not only on face and hands but can be used on feet as foot massage or as an effective lip balm.

It is safe to apply for animals too, as it is a safe tonifying herb.

You can read more about Katerina´s Natural Way herbal salves, our philosophy of sustainable, ethical and self-sufficient herbalism and more of Katerina´s story here.

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