Rhubarb Chutney 120g

60 kr

Katerina´s Natural Way Rhubarb chutney to accompany savory dishes, BBQ, tapas and more.

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We believe that the world´s most gigantic rhubarb grows on our farm. And this amazing patch provides for our summer café´s cakes and pies all summer long, with plenty left in the freezer for the winter, and many bottles of juice and jars of chutney to serve our guests and for our shop. The gratitude we have for our lady Rhubarb is enormous.

And we most certainly hope that the gratitude and love shows also in our rhubarb chutneys!

Here are a few of our most favorite ways to eat and serve it:

  • Cheese plates and charcuterie
  • Chaffles (you seriously need to try those!)
  • With a quiche, or even better with a Västerbotten pie (classical Swedish cheesey quiche)
  • With grilled meat and haloumi
  • As a side to pretty much everything, especially rice and potato dishes
  • The list really does not end…

Contains: Rhubarb, onions, ginger, chili peppers, dried apricots, sugar, vinegar, salt, turmeric and other spices.

Our jams and marmelades are made in truly small scale as we gather or grow most of the berries (and in this case all of our rhubarb) ourselves or purchase additionally from local gatherers (and organic farms. We follow the seasons as part of our sustainability and self-suffciency philosophy, so our stocks are never too large and once it is sold out, the next batch won´t be coming out until the next season of the given ingredient.


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