Get Better Herbal Tea 30g

50 kr

Katerina´s Natural Way best selling herbal tea with warming properties and lovely taste for your health support and for the colds and flu season

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Get Better Tea is our best selling herbal tea!

It is a tasty blend of wildcrafted and organically grown herbs that  offer the support of your immune system either as a prevention or as an aid during colds, coughs and similar ailments.
It is also a good and favorite brew to get you through the cold autumn and winter months, due to its warming energetics.

You can drink it not only for preventive measures during the cold and flu season and in elevated needs for immunity boost, but it is a good helper should you already have cold or flu, supporting also your respiratory system, adding much needed vitamin C and other antioxidants, offering anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and regulating fever.

A multi-purpose herbal tea for your home apothecary or travel kit and a good one to offer your friends and guests who are a bit skeptical about the taste of herbal teas!

Tastes (and works) best when brewed under a lid for 10-15 minutes, sweetened by a bit of locally produced honey.


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