Lingon Berry Spiced Marmelade 120g

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Katerina´s Natural Way Lingon Berry Spiced Marmelade with cinnamon and vanilla golden rum

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Katerina´s Natural Way Lingon berry marmelade is spiced with golden vanilla rum and cinnamon for that special festive taste.

Lingon berries are also known as low bush cranberries or red berries and are native to the Northern climate, thriving in the boreal forests of Scandinavia and other subarctic and arctic parts of the Earth.
They are one of the most antioxidant dense foods, containing high levels of vitamin C and other micro-nutrients.
Lingon berries are not just a popular ingredient on the Nordic table to accompany wild meats in form of jams and marmelades, but also for other artisan creations such as chutneys, ketchup, glögg (Scandinavian hot spiced winter and Christmas drink), Many amazing cakes and pies are made with lingon berries as the main ingredient as well.
The wild birds and brown bears in our area depend on the long lasting lingon for sustinance, before the snow covers the berry bushes till the spring.

Our version of the lingon marmelade is a bit Christmassy, fitting not only with wild meat dishes but also charcuterie and cheese plates (goes beautifully with goat cheese), but also with the oat meal and on a toast with butter.

Our jams and marmelades are made in truly small scale as we gather most of the berries ourselves or purchase additionally from local gatherers, but we follow the seasons as part of our sustainability and self-suffciency philosophy, so our stocks are never too large and once it is sold out, the next batch won´t be coming out until the next season of the given berry or flower.


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