Nordic Wilderness Tea 30g

50 kr

Katerina´s Natural Way herbal blend of beautiful taste of wild herbs and trees of the Nordic wilderness, ideal as morning energizing and gently cleansing tea.

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Perfect for your morning cup, adding energy, both for the body and spirit. It supports digestion, immune system and helps to gently draw toxins out of the body.

It is an ideal morning tea to drink before or during breakfast, to help cleanse your body, add antioxidants and energetically charging you for the day ahead.

The Nordic Wilderness Tea is my absolute favorite not only taste-wise and thank to its properties but because it is made fully of 100% northern wild plants that we sustainably and ethically gather in the wild and clean nature that surrounds our home.
Birch being my most favorite tree, Fireweed the most favorite herb and the magic of the ancient healing herb Meadowsweet combine with other wonderful herbs of the Great North.

Ingredients: Birch leaf, Fireweed leaf, Raspberry leaf, Meadowsweet, Eyebright, Fireweed flowers


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