Life Is Simple… Travel Mug

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Life is simple… high quality travel mug

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High quality stainless steel travel mug with a screw-on lid, featuring the Life is Simple…Eat…Sleep…Run Dogs design by Katerina´s original hand painted Kipp d´Amundsen Art designs.

Volume 443 ml / 15 oz.

Let your gift or souvenir be a meaningful and practical one, not just a dust collector.

Our NORDIC HUSKY FARM COLLECTION was created during the 2020-2022 pandemic as a means to be able to provide the high level of care without compromise to our huskies when guests could not visit us.
We have decided since then that all the proceeds from this collection will be directly used for the health care fund for our pack, even after the pandemic.
Each sold travel or camp mug thus directly helps to purchase straw, mobility, immunity and other supplements, supplements and medication for our canine senior citizens, physiotherapy and more.


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