From Huskies With Love Felted Heart

50 kr

Felted Husky wool decorative heart – from our huskies with love


Sustainable, locally handmade, cruelty free, packed with love, 100% recycled and 100% Husky!

The undercoat of our huskies varies in color – between almost snow white, to creamy and beige, brown-beige, yellow-beige, grey-brown and grey. Each felted heart is unique, never exactly same in color, shape and size – just like our dogs!

These husky wool felted decorative hearts are a result of a long time dream come true – of making jewelry, accessories and apparel from knitted and felted wool, kindly donated by our huskies as they shed their winter coats in summer and enjoy their spa days while we help to ease their burden by brushing their fluffy undercoat off.

The husky wool heart was the first offering we created as a start of the FROM HUSKIES WITH LOVE collection, which helped us raise funds for the dogs´ food and health care during the 2020-2021 while our small business was severely affected.

The hearts look beautiful hanged as ornaments on a few dry branches on the table, as part of a wall or window decor or even as Christmas tree ornaments. They come with a natural organic hemp or yarn twine attached for easy hanging.

Read more about our FROM HUSKIES WITH LOVE husky wool project HERE


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light, dark, multi-color


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