Ebook Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way [PDF]

110 kr

This book is based on the author´s 20+ years experience with animal nutrition and health care.

Are you looking for ways to improve your pet´s feeding program – naturally and cost effectively? Would you like to switch to a home prepared, natural diet, but don´t know how to compose it so it is complete and balanced? Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way offers many tips, guidlines and information such as:

How to easily compose healthy nutrition
Tips for smooth diet change
Is raw or cooked meat better?
Healthy, natural puppy weaning formula
Feeding tips for poor eaters
Feeding healthy and cost effectively in multiple pet household or kennel
Treating diarrhea naturally
How to boost immune system of sick, old or recovering pets
Recipes suitable for pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, kidney/liver problems and more
The “secret” for great health and longevity
Where to get ingredients
What herbs to use
and much more.

Living with dogs and raising, training and racing Siberian huskies, plus working in the field of pet nutrition led Katerina to not only develop serious interest in animal nutrition and health care, but set her on the journey of constantly improving the feeding program for her beloved dogs and learning many fascinating natural health care approaches, which she refers to as the “Natural Way”.

Currently Katerina lives with her partner and their over fifty four-legged “children” in the rugged wilderness of Northern Sweden, where they raise, train and race with their dogs in sled dog races and live a simple, yet very full-filling life. Katerina also writes articles for specialized magazines, books and publications oriented mainly on natural, holistic nutrition, health care and positive communication with animals.

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